I am always so grateful that you and Blitzen Canine are here!

Pam, I had to take a moment to send a quick note. I am looking around today at all of my Blitzen dogs. I've been with you since 2000, can ya believe it? You took me to heights with Rue all those years back when other trainers told me to give up. You graced me three times over with my first and second Border Collies and my precious Si-Si. You helped me raise Trek into the stellar example of a dog he is today as well. Now here we are together again shaping foundations with Case. I've achieved so much with you as our guide. I can't imagine where we would be if we had not found Blitzen and you all those years back! I look at Case in classes and grin from my heart to see him learning now, the core skills my others had learned before him, thanks to you, that have taken us to experiences many don't ever realize possible with a canine. Funny that you didn't just help me learn to be a partner for my dogs, but you taught me to raise my own bar. You raised me to be an instructor, a competitor that wins by putting their dog first not the ribbon, and to be a judge. Thank you for all of your skill, knowledge and wisdom in the methods and caring in your instruction that always has come not just from your head, but from your wonderful heart. I am always so grateful that you and Blitzen Canine are here. Every class is just like coming home! Now that I'm 54 miles away, that is no deterrent to get to where the fun and the foundations begin for us! Thank you and see you at class!!!! Kindest regards, Lee Ann Zerbian


Wanted to reach out and tell you about my German Shepherd, Bravo. We purchased him from you in August of 2008, and we honestly could not be happier with the dog he has become. Such a gentleman and wonderful best friend. He is truly an intelligent, fun, loving, and sweet shepherd. He protects his family and is more playful than we ever imagined. He knows his own strength, so he is gentle around my toddler nieces and nephews. Although he has outgrown his favorite spot under the coffee table, he still finds his way under there, even if half of his body is sticking out. He is healthy and beautiful and we couldn't be happier!

Our Puppy

Hi Pam, I keep forgetting to tell you, whenever I tell someone that we are getting a puppy from Blitzen Canine A., every single person gives you praises like I have never heard before. They go on and on about YOU, then about the quality of dogs you have and then about your training facility. Even the Petsmart dog trainer said that you are living her dream of owning your own palace full of wonderful dogs and people. She said she wanted to stop by and I told her that she really should. That you, nor your dogs bite, they will just cuddle you to pieces. She laughed. We knew that you were good, but what touching comments I have been hearing. Very impressive comments from store people, professionals, police personnel, VFW folks, teachers and on and on. I just wanted to share that with you. Enjoy your weekend!!!! Ceil

You are one of the best dog trainers I know...

Hi Pam, The reason you have not heard from me is because my house sold, like in 2 days and the last month and a half has been crazy with inspections and making arrangements.Moving to the Scottsdale area on 12/4. I will miss you and all your wonderful help. You are one of the best dog trainers I know and most of all a very good people person. You never made me feel stupid and always laughed with me when I did something utterly idiotic. You know I try not to take it all too seriously.I hope everything is ok with you and you have a great Thanksgiving!I will be sure to send you my new email address. And if you ever get a judging assignment out my way, you and your dogs can always stay over. Thanks a bunch - Jill