German Shepherd Progeny

Showcasing the best of Blitzen's family tree!

Beck 路 Blitzen's Road to Anderbeck


Certified Search and Rescue Dog - "Beck"

Beck is Jimbo/Tia breeding. He is beautiful, extremely high drive but also very focused and obedient. He adores Dennis almost as much as his tennis balls and tug toys. He is very bonded to him. He is very loving and friendly once he gets to know. He is trained in land and water cadaver along with trailing. He excels in each discipline, the dog just loves to work. He has worked for numerous departments and has successful finds in land and water cadaver.

Blitzen's 路 Ben


Just a quick note and some updated pics of Ben. He is an absolute joy. We just love him to pieces. He is so smart and gentle.

His favorite thing in the world is spending time at our SO IL Farm. He loves sitting near the porch to keep watch over HIS property. He frequently runs down to the lake to swim (LOVES the water) but he鈥檚 never gone too long because he has to get back to his post馃槂 When my husband trains the labs on their water retrieves, Ben goes too. He doesn鈥檛 know he鈥檚 not a lab. 馃か

I hope you are well. Thanks again for this pup! He鈥檚 a once in a lifetime kind of dog.

Brun 路 Oswego Police Department

image1 (2)

More information coming soon!

Chicago Police Dog


More information coming soon!

Cross 路 Blitzen's聽Cross


More information coming soon!

Dancer 路 Blitzen's聽Dancer


More information coming soon!

Durac 路 Blitzen's聽Born Durac & Roll


New York Park Police

Durac worked in the 9/11 Disaster

Echo 路 Blitzen's聽Ecko-Drive

Ecko is the epitome of the family dog. She is everything that we wanted in a German Shepherd inside and out. She has a great temperament and a silky black and tan coat. While she is great with my kids and everyone she meets, she will bark at unusual noises. Ecko is currently training in agility with my 13 year old son and is doing well.

Eden 路 Blitzen's Garden of Eden

When I first met Eden as a puppy, I knew she was the dog for my family. Having 3 children at the time I wanted to make the right decision and I have never regretted the choice I made! I still remember the moment I knew she was the one - she was with her siblings - all of whom were engaged in typical puppy toss and tumble play. Eden positioned herself above the activity and focused solely on me. In that moment, she took on such an air of maturity for her few weeks on the planet - it was hard for me to believe she was just a baby. It was in that instant that I felt a connection with her and just knew she was destined to become the part of the family she is today. When we brought her home she was a joy to have around! Potty training was a breeze and she never chewed anything in my house. Not one shoe, none of the kids' toys, nothing! She was an amazing puppy! As she has grown she has proven herself to be an excellent member of our family. We had a fourth child and while she was very curious about the new baby she was always VERY gentle.

My kids have used her as a pillow, as an engine for their rollerblades, they have tripped and fallen on her a couple of times... she is the most patient and loving dog and she would do absolutely anything to make us happy!

Getta 路 Blitzen's聽Ever Gonna Gettagrip

I've attached a few photos that were taken today (07/29/07), of Getta both working and hanging out. You can see that she loves to do obedience and she also loves to give our helper a piece of her mind.

We are also working on the tracking phase of Schutzhund. For fun she likes to dig the water out of her wading pool and endlessly run after her ball on a string. That's why she looks wet in the head shot picture -- she had just scooped her ball out of the water again right before I took the picture.

She is such a wonderful dog to work with -- she's always happy, very outgoing and always ready to go. Always. Getta earned her CGC in March of 2006 and her BH in May of 2007. We are hoping to get her VPG 1 either this fall or next year. We have also taken some agility classes which we both really enjoy so I am hoping to do some agility trials later on as well. Getta has been an absolute delight and is so much fun to work and play with.

Thanks for such a wonderful dog.

Halo 路 Blitzen's Halo in the Stormy Garden of Eden


More information coming soon!

Honey 路 Blitzen's聽Young Huntress



Some Accomplishments: In June 2004 Honey got her Canadian CD with 4 1st Placings and 2 HIT's (picture attached). In October 2004 she got her UKC CDX in 4 shows with 2nd placings. In May 2005 she finished her CD, she took 2 2nd's, 1 HS GSD in trial and 1 HIT. In October 2005 she got her AKC CDX in 3 shows with 3 1st placings. She was herding certified and temperament certified at the 2003 GSDCA National.

Indy 路 Blitzen's聽Intimidator


Indy is currently training in Obedience and Agility. His favorite down time events are ripping up his toys, watching TV and cuddling on the couch. He loves chasing squirrels and balls.

He is my very special boy. Thank you Pam for letting me share his life with him

Jamie Lee 路 Blitzen's Vanity Fair

3/13/07 - Owner Update: I LOVE my Blitzen babies!! I couldn't be more proud of Jamie Lee. She's a house of fire in flyball and has NO intentions of stopping. I could never thank you enough for Jamie and Sprocket...they have changed my life in SOOOOOOO many ways. Opened the doors to so many new worlds for me. I adore them.

Jamie is a Risky/Tia daughter, born in April of 2000. She is high drive with great work ethic and enthusiasm. She loves everyone, people, dogs, kids. Jamie lives for tennis balls and playing flyball. She has titled in Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Schutzhund. She currently ranked the # 1 GSD in flyball in the mid-west region and ranked # 5 in flyball in the USA and Canada. She should hit the number # 1 GSD in flyball by summer of 2006. Jamie is recorded with the 2nd fastest time run by a GSD in history...behind 1st place by 1/10 of a second.

List of titles:
CD, U-CD, SchH1, FGDCH (Flyball Grand Champion), TF-2 (U-Fli Flyball Top Flight 2), U-ACHX (UKC Agility Champion Excellent), CGC

Jamie shares a home in Wisconsin with 3 other German Shepherds and a Border Collie and goes to work with Mom everyday and trial most weekends.

Jet 路 Blitzen's Jet

I looked for over a year to find someone that was breeding German Shepherds that were sound in mind and body. I saw Pam and some of her dogs at the 2001 National and was impressed with their drive and responsiveness. I talked to Pam and was put on a waiting list for puppies and indeed "good things come to those who wait" because I picked my puppy up in June 2003. Jet may not be perfect, but he is perfect for me and I could not love and appreciate him more. He is a wonderful mix of drive, playfulness, work ethic and affection. All of which will keep me thinking and learning as we both master new skills and explore all of Life's options. He loves to be doing things but is also content just to lie beside me or ride in the van just to go with me. I truly hope that I enrich his life as much as he enriches mine.

Jet is currently training and competing in Agility, Obedience, Schutzhund, Rally Obedience and Tracking. He has completed his Endurance, Backpacking, Versatility, and Temperament titles and will be eventually training in Weight Pull, Hunter Retriever, Herding, and maybe Flyball. He participates in public demonstrations when appropriate and will become a Therapy Dog when some of the older dogs have retired from that. He is also a Dog Scout and has attended the Dog Scouts of America camps and earned 16 merit badges so far.

Black male German Shepherd Dog b: April 27, 2003
Sire: U-AGII Blitzen鈥檚 Wild Radio Flyer, CD, OA, AXJ
Dam: U-AGII T.O.P.鈥橲 Ariel vom Akota, NA
Owner: Jennifer M. Riess
8071 E. Mexico Gravel Rd.
Columbia, MO 65202-8925

Joker 路 Blitzen's聽U Just Gotta Laugh


TC GSDCA CGC American Kennel Club, TDI Therapy Dogs International, BH Schutzhund USA, SG Schutzhund USA, SV Judge Heintz Grottendeick, CD American Kennel Club, Search and Rescue

My gentle friend, companion, and protector


Pam, Joker is the epitome what a German Shepherd should be. He is my constant companion, very gentle, alert, and a protector. He knows when to work, play, cuddle, and guard. He is very balanced and has great nerves. He is easy to train and has great drive. He is EXCELLENT with children and most dogs and has many canine friends. Joker keeps me going helps keeps me somewhat sane. He is my "DRUG OF CHOICE" Thank you for such an excellent dog.

Keeper 路 Blitzen's聽Sirius Impact

Just thought I would send you a couple of pictures of keeper. She loves the snow. She's just insane for it. These aren't the greatest of her but it was too cold for me to really try to set up a great shot!

Kleo 路 Blitzen's聽Kleo

Thought you might appreciate these recent pictures of Kleo who is almost 11 years old now. We got her from you in 1996. She still weighs about 85 lbs., which is actually a little lighter than she was in her prime. She's in good health and still an active and happy member of our family. Her new mission is keeping a watchful eye over our granddaughter.

--George & Pat Mueller

Lou 路 Blitzen's Pretty Risky


(Dog World Award Winner)
(2002 #1 OTCH Pointed German Shepherd)
(2003 AKC Obedience Invitational Invitee)

Lou is one of the most driven GSD's I've ever had. He heels like a Golden, He races like a Border Collie, He swims & dives like a Lab, He tracks like a Bloodhound, and best of all has the heart of a Shepherd.

Misty 路 Blitzen's聽Golden Mist

Misty is 1! Emmet and I wanted to contact you on our pup's first birthday and send along some pictures. First, we wanted to let you know that she is a great dog and is exactly what we were looking for when we came to see you. Her temperament is wonderful and she loves everyone, humans as well as dog friends. No one can resist petting her when she approaches them with not only her tail wagging, but her whole butt wiggling.

Misty completed basic puppy class, received a certificate in herding sheep and went cross country skiing with Emmet. She's relaxed and takes things in stride. She's curious and has a great sense of smell. She quickly finds biscuits we hide in the family room while she stays in the kitchen on the rug by the back door. She loves her back yard, running around to smell every corner and to be sure none of the pesky squirrels or birds dare come into her yard. In between guarding her domain, she enjoys playing with her jolly ball and pig ball, sometimes attempting to play with both at once. She's a regular at the dog park near our house and starts talking when we are still over a mile away from it. She is so affectionate, always having to touch us when she's near, either leaning against us or putting her paw on us. How are you doing? We've visited your website throughout the year and enjoy the information and especially the pictures on it.

On this first birthday we wanted to tell you that you can be proud of the dogs you breed and to thank you for doing such a good job. We are thrilled to have a Blitzen German Shepherd.

Nyx 路 Blitzen's Boogie Nights CGC

Nyx is currently training in obedience and agility. I have not shown him competitively yet. Due to a lack of time from a growing family, I have been limited with showing on the weekends. Currently we have a 2 year old daughter that he is great with. She absolutely loves him. We are now expecting our second child. In the spring I will start showing him competitively in agility.

Otto 路 Blitzen's Impeccable Otto


I got a pup from you 13 years ago (Blitzen鈥檚 impeccable Otto). He was like a 4 legged child to us. He passed away a few months ago after a long and happy life. My wife and I are beginning to think about getting another dog. We loved him so much that I wanted to reach out and see if you were still breeding and if so, could I put my name down for a male pup from a future litter. I hope all is well and thank you,

Todd G.


The parents of OTTO are (Shane x Xora)

Peyton 路 Blitzen's Peridot


Peyton: Loyal, Best Friend, Hard Working, Endless Enthusiasm, Beautiful, Best GSD of all time! Those are just a few words to describe Peyton!

Quelle 路 Blitzen's聽Fountain of Youth

Happy 14th Birthday Quelle!

Ranger 路 Blitzen's聽Lone Ranger



There are dogs that walk this planet that encompass all things defined as an incredible 'companion' and possess the qualities of those dogs the best stories have been written about over the years by people whose lives they have touched. Ranger is one of those dogs and I am one of the people who can be counted fortunate enough to have had their life touched by an incredible dog like this. During a year of his life, Ranger served as my teacher, agility companion and even guardian on our many journeys to agility trials.

What started out as an 'experiment' to teach me about tracking turned into a life long lesson about Blitzen shepherds that turned into a piece of my history that will never leave me because of this awesome dog! Ranger is a shepherd with the heart and drive of a champion that he showed on and off the agility field. More than that ~ his sense of humor, impeccable demeanor and love of play endeared him instantly to many people that, to this day, ask me about him at trials. My deepest gratitude to Pam Juliano for thinking of pairing me with this wonderful dog and Bill Marek, Ranger's Owner, for the opportunity to spend time with his dog on an adventure that will last me the years until I have my own Blitzen German Shepherd! During our brief time together, Ranger earned 13 agility titles across three agility venues, UKC, NADAC and CPE.

Rebel 路 Blitzen's Elite Rebel


Rebel currently is in training for the "ILTASKFORCE1" Search and Rescue Team in Illinois.

He has a great temperament and is just a fun dog to have around. Future plans for activities with Rebel include agility and Schutzhund.

Rocco 路 Blitzen's聽Curious Cuddly


Rocco has a great personality as well as temperament, plus he is protective and loyal.

He is the dog I have wanted all of my life. One of his favorite things to do is play ball, even by himself! Even when he is bad (he's not really bad, just a very busy boy) he is adorable. If others could hear Rocco talk they would hear him say how much his mother spoils him. He is always receiving surprises delivered by truck or when I am out shopping. He must have balls in every size, shape and color imaginable.

I can't imagine life without Ice's baby, he has brought such tremendous happiness to my life.

Pam is a wonderful, genuine, caring person. She has a True Love for Animals. As long as there are "Blitzen Puppies" I will always own one. Rocco's Mom

Sasha 路 Blitzen's聽Sasha

Sasha is a Glandi and Risky daughter. She is now 14 yrs. old. She is healthy, active and still loves her tennis ball. She is a retired search and rescue dog trained in land and water cadaver recovery. She was also one awesome trailing dog. She was a very smart and highly trainable dog. Now in retirement she lives on 11 acres and still follows Dennis around.

I can't imagine life without Ice's baby, he has brought such tremendous happiness to my life.

Pam is a wonderful, genuine, caring person. She has a True Love for Animals. As long as there are "Blitzen Puppies" I will always own one. Rocco's Mom

Tala 路 Blitzen's Tala

A boy and his dog...
A boy and his dog...



She is a wonderful dog that Heather and myself love to death. She has become my dog. She my shadow where ever I go. Now that Heather is pregnant Tala has become very concerned with her. Whenever she takes naps on the couch, Tala checks up on here about every 20 minutes. We are constantly getting compliments on what a beautiful dog she is. All the kids in the neighborhood love her. Heather and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Timber 路 Blitzen's聽Timber


Dear Pam, can I reserve 25 more Shepherds just like Timber, please?

Ty 路 Blitzen's聽Little Tyrant


DuPage County Sheriff's Department

Zeus 路 Blitzen's Ancient Thunder

MACH Blitzen鈥檚 Ancient Thunder XF 鈥淶eus鈥 is eight and a half years old and he is my first agility dog. I couldn鈥檛 have asked for a better partner to begin agility with.